No Dick For Lindsay Lohan?

Lindsay Lohan and the A&E Upfront at Lincoln Center, NYC (photo: Splash)
Lindsay Lohan and the A&E Upfront at Lincoln Center, NYC (photo: Splash)

No, the above headline is not about Lindsay Lohan going back to her Sapphic love interest, Samantha Ronson.  It’s about how Ms. Lohan, who is to play Liz Taylor in a TV biopic flick called “Dick and Liz,” is raising a stink about which actor should play Richard Burton…, and filming is only a few weeks away!  No word yet if she has final approval of the hologram Richard Burton that the producers will no doubt have to produce to please Ms. Lohan.

Lindsay is said to have been madder than her Mom after Mrs. Lohan was shown her daughter’s weekly bar bill when Lindsay was presented with the choices to play Richard Burton. Lindsay basically said that “Gossip Girl” star Matthew Settle, Sean Maguire and NCIS hunk Craig Robert Young couldn’t hold Richard Burton’s jock—or could hold liquor like Mr. Burton.

Actor Craig Robert Young (photo by: Stoyan Vessev)
Actor Craig Robert Young (photo by: Stoyan Vessev)

Ms. Lohan needs a wake up call—and not one by her publicist to get to court on time.  She can’t act like a big fish in a small pond after she’s been repeatedly arrested for drinking like a fish.  And, a small fish is not going to act with a big star—especially for the $200K max that the Burton role will pay.

Does Lindsay think that, say, Christian Bale will call his agent and whine: “Bloody hell.  Something is missing from my life…I know!  I must play a bourbon-bloated Burton!  I’d much rather be in a ‘Lifetime’ movie seen by a million housewives in America than be in a Batman movie seen by billions all over the world.”

Does Chris Evans say, “I don’t want to play Captain America any more.  I’d rather play with a Major Pain In The Ass named Lindsay Lohan.”

Does Ryan Gosling say, “Okay.  I’ll be Richard Burton if Lindsay stars with me in ‘Drive, The Sequel.’  In this movie, Lindsay plays my passenger.  I play her designated driver.”

Logical advice for Lindsay is to “suck it up” and who knows?  If she does a good job and behaves, she won’t have to star in any more minor TV movies.  She’ll be able to star in a major Disney film–like “Herbie, Fully Loaded, Pt. 15.”

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