Liz and Dick and Lindsay and Alexis…oh my!

actress Alexis Kiley (
actress Alexis Kiley (

Broadway actress Alexis Kiley, who is a dead ringer for Elizabeth Taylor, is in talks to play the late Liz in the Lifetime film “Liz and Dick.”   (see our earlier story HERE)

Lindsay Lohan wanted to play the iconic actress but her legal problems may pose a problem because filming will be done in Canada, which has strict rules about allowing criminals into their country–even though they allow Canadian-born hockey players to perform assault and battery on each other–on a nightly basis.

Hollywood once again reflects the worst of mankind (or, in this case, woman-kind).

Someone always covets what another person in his or her chosen field wants worst!

Does this happen in the animal kingdom?  You don’t hear about another dog watching one of the eight (!) “Benji” films on TV, then barking in dog talk: “Hey.  I’m a dead ringer for that late, iconic actor Benji.  And I know Hollywood doesn’t have any new ideas and is planning to film a ‘Benji Pt. 9.’  Darn!  I want that role worst than I want a dry fire hydrant.”  Of course, the wanna-be animal actor goes to Hollywood and barks: “I’m here Hollywood!  Whose butt do I have to sniff, huh, kiss to get that role?  Darn!  I spent years in dog training school and the only work I get is parking cars–after I run after them.”

Then again–three words can solve the “Battle of The Two Liz Taylor’s:” Computer Generated Actresses.

L-R: Broadway actress Alexis Kiley, and the real deal, Elizabeth Taylor
L-R: Broadway actress Alexis Kiley, and the real deal, Elizabeth Taylor

There is an easy solution to this two-headed acting monster.  Similar to what the great director Luis Bunuel did in his film That Obscure Object of Desire: Have two actresses play the same lead.  Ms. Kelly, a respected Broadway actress, can play Liz in Ms. Taylor’s “acting scenes” (i.e, re-creations of “Giant,” “Butterfield 8” etc.)  Lindsay can play Liz in the scenes when Ms. Taylor and Richard Burton are in the middle of their drinking bouts.  In showbiz dictionary this is not a stand-in but a: Stagger-in (noun) – an actor or actress who because of past personal experiences, can expertly play a drunk or drug addict (see: Charlie Sheen or Dean Martin).

Also, word out of Hollywood is that Denzel Washington and Cuba Gooding Jr. are up for the same role in the BET/Lifetime film “Heidi and Seal.”  The loser of the acting job will be angry while the winner will play a very angry guy.

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