Hugh Dancy in NBC’s “Hannibal” – a “Break Out” Star?

Hugh Dancy's Graham is based on characters in Thomas Harris' classic novel "Red Dragon."
British actor Hugh Dancy is FBI profiler Will Graham, in NBC’s “Hannibal,”

Englishman Hugh Dancy, who is known in most circles as Claire Danes baby-maker, has all the makings of being the next break out big star.

His good looks and good taste in selecting artfully meaty parts reminds one of Malcolm (“Clockwork Orange”) McDowell.  Alas, one isn’t a break out star until a star can reach millions of households in one night.  Unlike Mr. McDowell who never did an American TV series (no truth to the rumor that ABC is doing a series with an animated but ultra-violent orange called “Annoying Clockwork Orange”), Mr. Dancy, will star in the TV show, “Hannibal” (on NBC).

Hannibal also stars Laurence Fishburne and Mads Mikkelsen
Hugh Dancy is FBI agent Will Graham in NBC’s “Hannibal”

Needless to say, he is ready to break out like a teenaged James Woods after eating a large order of fries.  Of course, he must feel pretty darn good knowing that his rich talents are being richly rewarded.  After all, most actors start out “struggling;” which often means struggling to pay the rent.  To finally hit the acting jackpot is similar to what New York Yankee Third Baseman Alex Rodriguez’ signing his rich contract with the Yankees means: to be called an elite player in the game, one has to be paid like an “elite.”  Similarly, now that Mr. Dancy is making da bucks in TV, he is now an elite play-a and therefore, executive film producers have to “bring it” to him—meaning financially “bring it” to him.

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Claire Dane's husband Hugh Dancy goes prime time on NBC
Hugh Dancy gets on the case in NBC’s Fall crime drama “Hannibal”

Indeed, Mr. Dancy is making another great career move by throwing his acting hat into the computer animation ring; a sure fire way to gain a great audience if the movie is a hit…which a great percentage of them seem to be.  That is, Mr. D. plays  “Marshal Mallow” in a film called, “Dorothy of Oz.”  In this umpteenth but unique spin of Dorothy Gale, she returns to Kansas to find it devastated…more accurately, even more devastated than it usually looks. Dorothy finds a new way to get back to the Land of Oz only to find out that her friends the Scarecrow (voiced by Dan Aykroyd), Tin Man (Kelsey Grammer), Cowardly Lion (Jim Belushi) and the entire Land of Oz, are said to be in deep danger.

Is the “grave danger” because the Wizard of Oz steps out from behind the curtains and declares himself to be an all great and powerful conservative Republican; who has no use for “friends of Dorothy?”  Only time (its release date is 2013) will tell!

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