First Look: George Kosturos & Andy Madadian Team Up for THE GOOD FIGHT | Music Video

The music video for “The Good Fight” gives fans a look into MMA film, AMERICAN FIGHTER

This month fans of Mixed Martial Arts and sport-films got a glimpse at the upcoming AMERICAN FIGHTER movie thanks to a brand new song and the accompanying music video by singer Andy Madadian, featuring, one of the film’s leading stars, George Kosturos.

“The Good Fight,” written by American songwriter Shani Rigsbee, with vocals by Andy Madadian is the title track for the upcoming film, AMERICAN FIGHTER. The newly released music video supporting the single was directed by Rigsbee who is also married to singer, Madadian. The video features actor, George Kosturos shadow boxing in a series of stylishly lit sequences including shots photographed inside an MMA octagon. Intercut with the shots of “The Good Fight” music video, are clips from the AMERICAN FIGHTER movie showing Kosturos alongside other actors such as Brian Craig (from ABC”s GRAND HOTEL), Allison Paige (BENNET’S WAR), and Tommy Flanagan (Netflix’s WU ASSASSINS, FX’s SONS OF ANARCHY) who also star in the forthcoming motion picture. Madadian’s music video serves as a first look into this biopic.

International music sensation, ANDY gives fans a look into AMERICAN FIGHTER movie, with the release of a music video for the title soundtrack, “The Good Fight,” featuring George Kosturos and Tommy Flanagan.

About the film, AMERICAN FIGHTER

Story: After the 1981 hostage crisis of the U.S. embassy in Tehran, Ali (George Kosturos), a young Iranian immigrant arrives in America, determined to start a new life and do everything he can to save the life of his mother who he has left behind. Desperate to survive and collect the necessary funding to bring her stateside, Ali is pulled into the violent world of underground fighting where he faces deadly opponents, questionable characters and testing his own limits in surviving it all.

Directed by actor and stuntman, Shaun Paul Piccinino (THE LACKEY) who also co-wrote the screenplay, AMERICAN FIGHTER also stars Tommy Flanagan, Sean Patrick Flanery, Christina Moore, Allison Paige, and Salome Azizi. The film is produced by Ali Afshar under his ESX Entertainment, along with Christina Moore and Forrest Lucas Release dates to be announced.


International superstar Andy Madadian (known to his fans as ANDY) is an Iranian born singer, actor, and entertainer (of Armenian heritage) who rose to fame in Los Angeles while in exile, away from Iran, for forty years. Andy’s music has crossed oceans and barriers making him one of Iran’s biggest exports.

His upbeat, festive songs in addition to his signature ballads, combined with the massive popularity of the star with Iranian fans worldwide, have played a big role in presenting a positive image of art and the creative culture of that country, with or without the approval of the current Islamic regime.

Andy has recorded songs in Armenian, Arabic, and English. His songs have been featured in American movies such as THE HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG (2003) and THE PRINCESS AND THE MARINE (2001). Recently, Andy made headlines by becoming the first Iranian-American to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Though he has not gone anywhere nor seen a decline in fame and stardom, Andy has experienced a renaissance of sorts. By remaining active and creative, and a consistent social media presence, newer, wider generations of fans have gravitated towards this go-getting, veteran of show business and world music.

More on actor George Kosturos

Born in Palo Alto, California, rising star, George Kosturos (of Greek heritage) has had the unique opportunity to play the same character of the Iranian-American highschooler, Ali Jahani in director, Alex Ranarivelo’s 2016 film AMERICAN WRESTLER: THE WIZZARD and reprising the role (with a few modifications) in the soon-to-be-released, AMERICAN FIGHTER – think Michael Sheen playing Tony Blair in three different films. Kosturos won the Best Actor prize at the 2016 Newport Beach Film Festival for playing Jahani in the 2016 film.

Kosturos will also be seen in the new sci-fi TV series, SALVAGE MARINES starring with Casper Van Dien and Armand Assante. Based on the fiction book by Sean-Michael Argo, focusing on the dark future of corporate chokehold on the working/blue-collar class and a battle in deep space, the project is also helmed by Sean Paul Piccinino who directed Kosturos in AMERICAN FIGHTER.

Stay tuned for the release dates for the AMERICAN FIGHTER movie and SALVAGE MARINE, the TV series.

Below, watch the official music video for “The Good Fight” by Andy Madadian, featuring actor, George Kosturos.

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