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Brit Actor, Nicholas Galitzine Keeps Soaring

Galitzine’s successful slate of LGBTQ, Rom-Com, and Period films, and the recently announce HE-MAN, will push him to the top

If you’re a fan of straight-to-stream movies, you will no doubt have seen Brit actor, Nicholas Galitzine, all over social media recently, promoting his convergent release of projects.

The handsome, youthful 30-year-old is on the cusp of major stardom, currently starring opposite Anne Hathaway in THE IDEA OF YOU (Amazon Prime), where he plays a boy band singer who falls in love with an older woman. He’s also costarring with Julianne Moore in the historical and raunchy mini-series MARY & GEORGE (Starz) where Moore plays the Countess of Buckingham who molds her son to seduce King James.

Nicholas Galitzine, the prince of streaming platforms is headed to the top.

Nicholas Galitzine in MARY & GEORGE – photo: STARZ

What’s unique about Galitzine is that he is building his career exclusively on streaming networks – not a single theatrical release where box office numbers would fatefully make or break new stars.

Taylor Zakhar Perez and Nicholas Galitzine in RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE (2023) – streaming on PRIME

Last year, he played a prince in the LGBTQ romcom RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE (Amazon Prime). He’s played a prince previously in the panned musical version of CINDERELLA (Amazon Prime). And back in 2022, he starred as a Marine in one of Netflix’s top viewed romances, PURPLE HEARTS.

With clever, career-building projects under his belt, Nicholas Galitzine prepares for superhero-status with He-Man.

The challenge for Galitzine is to star in better and better projects that will help him break out of himbo teen idol territory. The former Abercrombie model has talent and also the kind of high cheekbones that put him in Nicholas Hoult territory – please see Hoult’s filmography as an example of variety.

Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine featured on the poster art for THE IDEA OF YOU (2024) movie – PRIME

Even with his small range of work, Galitzine has definitely demonstrated talent. He can do a variety of accents – check him out as an obnoxious footballer in BOTTOMS – and he can sing and dance and has no qualms with nudity or queer roles. But at the ripe old age of 30, Galitzine is at that pivotal point where he can’t play teens forever (even in Hollywood) and he needs to avoid playing a Prince, catering to the movie trope that all Brits are posh.

So what’s next for Galitzine? He’s announced that he will be returning as Prince Henry in a sequel to RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE for Amazon Prime. But he’s also announced that he is starring as Prince Adam (aka He-Man) in the much-troubled HE-MAN, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE project for Amazon MGM to be released in 2026. Two more royal roles? SMH.

Now the HE-MAN project is interesting. Since 2007, the project has changed directors and producers and studios. There have been a number of actors tapped to play He-Man, including Kellan Lutz, Noah Centineo, Kyle Allen, and now Galitzine. To be directed by Travis Knight (BUMBLEBEE) and written by Chris Butler (PARANORMAN), Galitzine will have the opportunity to transform himself physically for the beefy role of He-Man – a transformation beyond a blonde wig. An action role never hurts an actor’s profile and obviously Amazon adores Galitzine so let’s hope Galtizine is building a career of length and substance!

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