Sinead O’Connor Goes on Crack and Marriage Binge

Ex-sensitive artist Sinead O’Connor revealed that after hunting for a husband, she and her terrified substance abuse counselor husband, Barry Herridge, hunted for crack in Las Vegas.  This search virtually ending their 16 day marriage.  Hopefully, Mr. Herridge won’t turn on “Saturday Night Live” and see Ms. O’Connor tear up their wedding photos.

Given Ms. O’Connor’s current mental state, it’s not like there were any tell-tale signs of a long marriage.  

Ms. O’Connor probably told the Las Vegas Little Wedding Chapel’s Elvis impersonator to sing “Return to Sender” during their marriage vows.  And the honeymoon most likely went something like this: Sinead cries tears of joy and sings “Ooooooooh…. Nothing Compares to You—now come here, baby.”  The next morning, Mr. Herridge runs his fingers through her peach fuzz-ish scalp, cries tears of terror and says: “Owwwwwww…. Nothing Compares to my Hangover—now get me Russell Brand’s divorce lawyer!!!”

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