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Becoming Bulletproof: A Beautiful Film Pierces Through The Heart

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Becoming Bulletproof - our Brave New Hollywood review. Being an actor isn’t easy… You need nerves of steel, tireless conviction, and a superhuman ability to deal with rejection. And even then, your chances of actually getting work can be pretty grim. But for the remarkable performers who’ve become part of Will and Peter Halby’s Zeno Mountain ...

Ethan Hawke: BOYHOOD’s Daddy, Cinema Bad Ass

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To watch Ethan Hawke deliver what is perhaps his most fully-realized onscreen performance to date, in Richard Linklater’s Oscar Nominated frontrunner, Boyhood, you can’t help but be taken in by the actor’s innate likeability and effortless charm. But to step back for a moment and examine Hawke’s 25+ year career in Hollywood, from precociously talented ...


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LIFE INSIDE OUT movie poster (2013) : a mother of three bonds with her youngest unhappy son through songwriting. It’s been said regarding actors, that if you hope to portray the type of challenging, fully realized parts that first drove you into this profession, sometimes you just have to write them yourself. Well, that’s exactly ...

Renée Marino: A Jersey Girl Conquers Hollywood

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Renée Marino at the L.A. Film Festival premiere of "Jersey Boys' (2014) - photo: Scott Appel Media Most actors might be terrified at the prospect of having their first real on-camera performance be directed by Dirty Harry himself, Clint Eastwood, but most actors aren’t Renée Marino. A talented triple threat who’s been burning up the stage ...

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