In 24 HOURS TO LIVE: Ethan Hawke is a Deadly Man with a Gun | Our Film Pick & Trailer

From the unique viewpoint of a veteran stuntman and the producers of the John Wick movies, comes 24 HOURS TO LIVE, an action-heavy, world-trotting thriller starring Ethan Hawke.

24 HOURS TO LIVE is about a career assassin, Travis Conrad (Ethan Hawke) who is given a chance at redemption after his employer brings him back to life, temporarily, after being killed on the job. He finds his match in a female Interpol agent (Chinese actress Qing Xu) after plotting to steal intel from her.

Ethan Hawke is a man of action in Brian Smrz' 24 HOURS TO LIVE (2017) action, thriiller - Saban Films
24 HOURS TO LIVE (2017) Movie poster art, feat Ethan Hawke as Travis Conrad, an independent gun for hire who uncovers a twisted web of scientific experiments on innocent human beings.

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The outcome of the confrontation sends Travis deep into a dark web of conspiracy in a foreign country. Soon he finds himself in the middle of a secret scientific experiment in which victims, if brought to life, only have 24 HOURS TO LIVE.  You can guess what happens from there. There, in that overplayed concept lay some of the weaker, unpolished parts of the film. However, they are easy to forgive since this is not a thinking man’s indie film with Ethan Hawke as the philosophical lead. Travis is an angry man, with guns in both hands and cold justice on his mind.

Ethan Hawke is out for blood, in 24 HOURS TO LIVE action film, released by Saban Films.
Cold justice served by Ethan Hawke (as Travis Conrad) an ex-military man turned independent gun for hire. Directed by Brian Smrs. Released by Saban Films

The theme of man-with-limited-time-to-live is nothing new but it has been put to good, creative use. The pace, the attempt to bring wilder, intense sequences of everything action, while not making it entirely brainless will keep viewers engaged and satisfied.  In the hands of veteran actor, Ethan Hawke, the hero has a fuller form. Travis, the independent killing machine is rooted as realistically as the genre allows.  And when it comes to unleashing hell and bringing death to the bad guys, Hawke is every bit the hard-hitting action hero and exciting to watch.

Hollywood stunt coordinator turned director; Brian Smrz has designed refreshingly intense sequences, full of physicality during fights and loaded with high jinks in its car chases. His expertise in delivering bigger, newer thrills is showcased from the beginning to the end of this high-octane ride.

Complimented with the gorgeous photography by cinematographer Ben Nott (JIGSAW) 24 HOURS TO LIVE becomes visually stunning, reminiscent of its producers’ previous films (JOHN WICK, SICARIO, WIND RIVER, YOUNG ONES) and films that allow for the visual palate to make a statement of its own.

In short, 24 HOURS TO LIVE is rich with heart-pounding fight sequences, and plenty of shoot ‘em ups. The filmmakers set out to impress and entertain the fans of its genre.  We had lots of fun viewing this film and made it our recommended film pick at Brave New Hollywood. It is a high-velocity ride with Ethan Hawke bringing death and destruction to the bad guys.

Released by Saban Film, 24 Hours to Live hits theaters in LA and New York on December 1, 2017.

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