Will Estes Goes Full Throttle, in AUTOMOTIVE

Will Estes is Kansas in Tom Glynn's indie noir film "Automotive." - photo: Industrie
Will Estes is Kansas in Tom Glynn’s indie noir film “Automotive.” – photo: Industrie

A cool ride, chicks, guns and murder. We’re in!

Hopefully we become one of the first sources telling you about AUTOMOTIVE, the stylish, new crime drama written and directed by Tom Glynn (“The War Within,” 2005). The film recently premiered at the 2013 Dances With Films festival, in L.A.

At heart, this indie film is a classic noir set in present-day LA, and slickly plays out as one.

Meet Kansas, played expertly by Will Estes (CBS’ “Blue Bloods”), in the middle of a getaway from a crime we don’t really see. He seems to be in a heap of trouble, crossing paths with shady characters and involved with mysterious women, one of them a blonde, named Lonely (Emily Foxler). Yeah, OK, not crazy about characters named Kansas and Lonely, but remember, it’s L.A., it’s noir. Go with it.

The drama unfolds in a quite visual, non-linear fashion. Everything is seen from inside Kansas’ car, a 1964 Mercury ‘Breezeway’ Montclair.

Emily Foxler and Will Estes star in Tom Glynn's noir drama Automotive
Emily Foxler (as Lonely) and Will Estes (as Kansas), in noir movie, AUTOMOTIVE – Photo courtesy of Industrie

In their uniquely limited point-of-view, carefully calculated shots, photographed in the dead of night, or under the bright southern California sun, are far from boring or short on variety. Cinematographer Ulf Soderqvist offers viewers a rich visual index. The advantage of a wider cab room, inside the classic Mercury, with that awesome rare, powered rear-window, allow for an eyeful of images, as diverse as the fast and unpredictable city of Los Angeles.

As Kansas, Will Estes delivers the drama, and the intensity required when a man is pushed into a corner.

Considering the multiple close-ups on his face, while the camera always stays inside the car, it is an absolute thrill to witness what a skilled actor can deliver on camera, the way Estes does.

In AUTOMOTIVE, Estes’ screen presence echoes the spirit of Steve McQueen, and the sophistication of Montgomery Clift.

Under Tom Glynn’s watchful eye and clever assembly, car and driver successfully become unlikely co-stars with chemistry.

This film is just that cool, and it made a great impression on us. We really hope it does the same for you.

CLICK HERE to see the trailer for AUTOMOTIVE.

CLICK HERE for the official website of Dances With Films.

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Written by Henrick Vartanian

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