Why CHRIS HEMSWORTH felt so naked being “Thor”

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth as THOR

Having director Kenneth Branagh as the driving force behind “Thor” is sure to make for one hell of a fun ride. Just seeing the newly released clips demonstrate an ‘epic’ look and the overall showmanship we’ve seen from the talented Mr. Branagh.Then, there is the leading man in the title role. Soon to be known as the thunder-cruncher from down under (and not just the brother of Liam Hemsworth), Aussie hunk, Chris Hemsworth already has hella good buzz around him that money can’t buy. 

Since his starring role as Kirk Sr. in J.J. Abrams’ ‘Star Trek,’ Chris has been a Hollywood handful that directors want desperately to grab; that sizzling, leading man material, ready to be catapulted to the top by the industry. Chris Hemsworth has got the good looks, just like his younger brother, and he can act. 

But, in a sit down with MTV NEWS during San Diego Comic-Con about the upcoming Marvel movie “Thor,” the young actor explained how naked he felt while filming the picture. Now, we’ve heard all this weird actor-talk in the past about being so “open” in front of cameras or being so “exposed” and we’re not sure what all of that stuff means here. After all, this ain’t Stanley Kowalski screaming guttural crys in “A Street Car Named Desire.” It is still “Thor” the ass kickin’ God of Thunder we’re talking about, right? 

Well, since most of us don’t mind seeing Chris Hemsworth naked (not one bit), we were curious to learn more. And guess what? He just felt naked – as in without his screen accessory, the hammer, better known as Mjolnir. Say that word a couple o’ times while you’re wishing you could see his…..  At any rate, we digress.  

There’s a few different versions [of the hammer] for the shots — the close ups, the stunt one,” said Hemsworth of his character’s famous weapon. “But the main one was a very heavy, beautifully polished, metal, wood-looking thing. It was an incredible thing,” The actor described: “You feel naked without it when you’re not holding it for a while,” referring to parts of the movie where Thor finds himself on Earth without the weapon in his possession. 

You can tell the dude is into this mythic, superhero stuff as he went on saying: “I put the costume on the first time for the camera test and Anthony Hopkins was there with me.  We looked at each other and said, ‘There’s no acting required here, is there?’ It sells the picture.”  

What? Hey, we just said you can act. But maybe acting isn’t all that’s required in Hollywood anymore. It’s all overrated. Just grip your Hammer, and sell the picture. 

We’re happy we clarified this “naked” business. Hell, it could have been a lot worse. It could have been Anthony Hopkins feelin’ all naked and talking about HIS hammer, and we really don’t need to know or hear about that. 

This has been a group write up by BNH staffers!

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