Vanessa Hudgens explores her inner dare devil and a ‘Beastly’ attraction

Vanessa Hudgens has two new (and quite different) films coming out, back to back and both within the next two months.

BEASTLY - movie art / poster (CBS FILMS)
BEASTLY - movie art / poster (CBS FILMS)
In an interview with about Beastly, her first film in which she stars opposite Alex Pettyfer she said the following about her character Lindy:  “Our version is very posh and sleek and very sophisticated,” said the 22 year-old actress about the production. “It’s supposed to be in an extremely wealthy school, so Lindy definitely stands out from everyone else. He (Pettyfer’s character, Kyle) slowly starts to follow her, and she kinds of takes refuge with him and they just slowly fall for each other, because he ends up having a great soul and kind of wins her over from the sweet things he does for her.” Hudgens adds.
Co-starring Neil Patrick Harris, Beastly is a modern take on the classic “Beauty and the Beast” tale where a New York teen transforms into a monster type of being in order to find true love. Reminder: the beast being Alex Pettyfer. How bad can he look?

Alex Pettyfer as the beastly Kyle in CBS FILMS' 'Beastly'
Alex Pettyfer as the beastly Kyle in CBS FILMS' 'Beastly'
About her director she boasts: “Yeah, I’m in love with Daniel. I think he’s such an incredible director. He’s helped so much in character involvement and just kind of figuring out mannerisms to play with my character and a way of speech and just truly developing the character to the fullest. He’s so smart.”
Hudgens proved to be quite the dare devil on this film, performing her own stunts. When asked about them she “(laughs) I’ve had one stunt already, which was quite frightening cause I’m afraid of heights, and I had to climb up a ladder, hold onto something upside down, they rigged me and I was literally hanging upside down on a pole, and then they would let the latch go, and they’d count‘3,2,1’ and then I’d let go and fall into Alex’s arms.”
Gasp! We bet most girls would volunteer for that stunt if Alex’s arms are where they’d end up.
Questioning true love, Beastly arrives in theaters in March 2011:
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