THE ANDY BAKER TAPE: Twisted Tale of Brotherly Bonding | Film Review

Alpha House’s Bret Lada delivers a high-res, found-footage thriller with a unique twist

THE ANDY BAKER TAPE is the latest in the found footage horror subgenre but offers a unique twist in character development. Ever since THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT taught studios that they didn’t have to spend big bucks for big scares, talented up-and-coming filmmakers have shown off what they can do with a camera and a good story.
Found footage horror film, THE ANDY BAKER TAPE movie poster.

Starring writer and director Bret Lada (LAW AND ORDER, ALPHA HOUSE), THE ANDY BAKER TAPE’s premise is that a douchey food blogger, Jeff Blake, discovers that he has a half-brother, Andy Baker.  And while Jeff is thrilled to meet this at-first simple, mild-mannered sibling, his main priority is to shoot enough foodie road trip footage to land him a Food Network gig.

The multi-award-winning, found-footage horror film is in the tradition of The Blair Witch Project.

The film was written, shot, and edited in a 6-month period during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, writer, director Lada has revealed.

actor, director Bret Lada in a black tank top looking off screen as actor Dustin Fontaine stands outside the glass doors looking at him, in this still phpto from THE ANDY BAKER TAPE film.
In THE ABDY BAKER TAPE, Jeff (actor, Bret Lada) an aspiring TV food personality discovers he has a half-brother.

The two very different brothers alternate the audience’s sympathies. Sometimes we’re Team Jeff as he scrambles to meet a deadline to secure him his own show but seems to be hitting a string of bad luck. Sometimes we’re Team Andy, a lonely soul who is thrilled to find he has a brother and easily offended when Jeff seems to be less than sincere.

THE ANDY BAKER TAPE (movie) is not your typical found footage fright if you’re looking for supernatural scares.

Bret Lada writes, directs and stars in unnerving found footage horror pic The Andy Baker Tape.

As the film progresses, each brother has odd, dislikable traits that you’re not really sure who you should be rooting for. This is not your typical found footage fright if you’re looking for supernatural scares. Instead, the scares are deeper as their relationship evolves and devolves into something grotesque, spiced with black humor, obsession, a hint of incest, told with some clever camera work. This film was shot during the height of the COVID pandemic with a cast and crew of four people. Imagine what Lada could do with a budget!

THE ANDY BAKER TAPE (movie) is available now on Digital and OnDemand.

Watch the official Trailer for the film, starring Bret Lada and Dustin Fontaine below.

THE ANDY BAKER TAPE - Official Trailer | Found-Footage Thriller Movie Trailer

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