A mob of fans welcome Stallone and members from the cast of ‘The Expendables’ in London

Sylvester Stallone at the London premiere of 'The Expendables' - photo: Splash

Sylvester Stallone and members of  ‘The Expendables‘ cast looked sharp last night in England for the London premiere. The event took place at the Odeon Leicester Square and fans were very excited to see the celebrities as they screamed and called their names.

(L-R) Lundgren, Stallone, and Statham at 'The Expendables' film premiere in London - photo: Splash

Giving back and being well aware of his fans throughout his career, Sly was happy to sign autographs and greet them. The Expendables (opening in the U.S. on Aug 13) promises some serious action.

As we all know by now, Stallone won’t be using CGI.

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