Fast, Furious Women: SPEED SISTERS – Documentary Film Pick

Car racing in the West Bank, by female race car drivers in "Speed Sisters" documentary film.
All-female race car drivers go for it, their way, in director, Amber Fares' "Speed Sisters" documentary - Released by First Run Features

In a country where women can be as free and self-expressive as ours, where the Women’s March allows millions of women to openly express their opposition to the ideologies of the leaders they do not support, or enter the same academic field, serve in the military or take on similar competitive sports, the way men do, it is difficult to imagine a part of the world where having such freedoms are not the norm.

Palestinian, female race car drivers in SPEED SISTERS documentary, race to the finish line.
Race car driver, Nour Daoud takes the wheel in SPEED SISTERS, a documentary film about all-female race car drivers in the middle east. In English and Arabic, with English subtitles – Released by: First Run Features

The documentary film we watched and picked to recommend to our readers, this week, is one such contrast to the rights we enjoy freely in this country, things we assume second nature, often thanks to earlier battles fought by brave men and women securing such freedoms for all of us to enjoy or to build on. But in other parts of the world, as we often realize through the power of news reports, films, and social media things are quite different and real struggles come in many fields and intensities.

Girl Power on Race Tracks!

Female car racing film Speed Sisters showcases the limitless ambitions of five women overcoming all kinds of obstacles in a dangerous part of the world.
Revved up girl power in Amber Fares’ SPEED SISTERS documentary. (L) Mara Zahalka, (R) film promotion arts featuring the leading ladies of SPEED SISTERS – Released by First Run Features.

The documentary film we picked to review, SPEED SISTERS, directed by Amber Fares, unveils the balancing act between daily life, persistence, progress, and the freedom to do it your way – a struggle between limitations and pure zeal.

The Speed Sisters are the first all-woman race car driving team in the Middle East. Making headlines and turning heads at improvised tracks across the West Bank, these five women have sped their way into the heart of the male-dominated Palestinian street car-racing scene.

Fares, a Canadian filmmaker gives viewers a deeper look into the lives of five young women, on and off the track, and the drive and the sheer will they possess as they push ahead with life, one real obstacle at a time. Practicing in vacant lots, half-decent tracks, under the watchful eyes of Israeli military, dealing with the financial hardships of buying the right vehicle, the sacrifices these women and their families make in order to support the life they want for themselves and their daughters are a few of the challenges addressed in this eye-opening, entertaining film.

For its exploration of freedom, the visualization of dreams, and the undying courage and patience of its leading ladies, SPEED SISTERS is Brave New Hollywood’s documentary film pick.

The trailblazing subjects of this film are so focused and dedicated to racing faster, train harder, and bettering themselves, they never see their goals as unrealistic or unattainable. With such infectious passion, the leading ladies of this film become inspiring beacons of resilience and liberty.

It is a film we recommend to all kinds of viewers because it has something for everyone.

SPEED SISTERS is a tribute to freedom, the human spirit, and living life without borders, in a region of the world where they are challenged on a daily basis. It is an exciting, empowering reminder about the importance of dreams and the courage to chase them, 100 miles an hour, without excuses.

SPEED SISTERS opens in U.S. Theaters, and on itunes on February 10, 2017.

Watch the official Trailer below.

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Written by Henrick Vartanian

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