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Consuelo Costin‘s second single “Feel So Alive” entered the U.S. and European market last month, and with the constant interest in her (she is a Vanderbilt, afterall), and her music, a simple reaction is not what this artist has in mind.

Consuelo Costin -

Consuelo Costin -

artwork for the "Feel So Alive" single by Consuelo Costin -

artwork for the "Feel So Alive" single by Consuelo Costin -

With a clever music video supporting the newly released song, Consuelo Costin is taking steps to establish herself as a serious singer-songwriter, while covering all other steps for pop-stardom.

Brave New Hollywood visited the busy recording artist on the set of her new music video. To watch the BNH interview and behind-the-scenes, CLICK HERE (or search under VIDEOS).

This rising dancefloor success started singing as a child at her school choir in London, England. When teased for singing too loudly, she decided to use her voice in various keys, challenging herself to sing alto and soprano. Her vocal efforts and the love for music got its spark and grew stronger by the time she attended La Studio Di Britannica, in Florence, Italy. There, she began singing at the café’s and then famous clubs in Italy, Germany and other venues in Europe, including a performance with the legendary Joe Cocker at the Royal Albert Hall.

In America, her work was featured on the WB show “Pop Stars” where Pussycat Dolls’ Nicole Scherszinger (then a member of Eden’s Crush) vocalized Consuelo’s song. During this time Consuelo worked on new material, finally releasing her first single “naked” which witnessed an exciting rise on pop music and dance charts, including the Billboard Dance Charts for 16 weeks, peaking at #12.

She is a storyteller who writes her tales into catchy, joyous dance numbers, and now it’s her who steps up to the microphone to sing them. Like most writers, Consuelo believes in drawing from her own experiences. “I wouldn’t be a singer if I was not a songwriter,” she tells Brave New Hollywood. Standing there, at the courtyard of a mortuary in the San Gabriel Valley, CA, in a spotless, dazzling white gown she adds: “Everything about music, to me, is about the song, the storytelling. I believe if you have a great story then that’s the core element of what the song is.”

As for the eerie setting of our BNH interview, it is the location for her latest music video “Feel So Alive” being released on Halloween, Oct 31.

So, why shoot in a morgue?

Consuelo credits director Abram Cox with the idea. “We wanted something different, to do something that really pushed the boundaries, becoming a juxtaposition of the song. It’s dangerous, interesting and very exciting.” She teases, before adding: “It’s dangerous, it’s interesting and I think it’s very exciting.”

Asked if the words describing the music video reveal something about her? 

“Yes, I would say so,” she replies with a laugh.

For our exclusive interview with Consuelo Costin, and a behind-the-scenes look at her music video for “Feel So Alive,” CLICK HERE, or look under Videos.

TRIVIA: Originally a gymnast, Consuelo trained for the Olympics, in Paris.

She is an eighth-generation descendant of Cornelius Vanderbilt.

She is married to actor and producer Rafael Feldman, who by the way, produced the new video for “Feel So Alive.”

Consuelo is the vice president of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, and an active advocate of other humanitarian causes. She is also very aware of her gay following and appreciates their welcoming embrace.

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