‘Sexy time’ in movies: not so sexy, say Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman

The fans went wild cheering for the stars of “No Strings Attached,” at the Wednesday night premiere for the film in Westwood, California. The film starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman is a romantic comedy about a guy and a girl engaged in a strictly sexual relationship, and find out in time that they may want something more than that. Director Ivan Rietman confirmed that the on-screen chemistry between his sexy actors can not be fabricated and has its own brand of natural appearance, that as a director, he didn’t have to do much other than frame it and let it all happen on camera. But later when asked, Ashton smiled and offered his insight on the unnatural sides of shooting the love-making scenes.

Natalaie Portman and Ashton Kutcher in "No Strings Attached" - (Paramount Pictures)

“I know every actor says this but its so awkward and so mechanical,” says the actor smiling. “Take something that’s normally really intimate and have forty people watch you do it, and then the director telling you when to move somebody’s hair or that you need to have your orgasm sooner, and you’re going ‘no! It takes me much longer. I would never have an orgasm that soon.’” He chuckled. “It’s awkward and embarrassing and at the same time fun and not really awful.” Concluded the handsome leading man who heats up the scenes with the gorgeous Natalie Portman.

Looking very elegant as she showed a bit of a “baby bump” on the red carpet, and exuding what most reporters recognized as the “pregnancy glow” which added even more to her undeniable beauty, Natalie Portman also gave her input on the subject.

“Ashton and I met several times over ten years ago. He is so funny, easygoing and cool. It was not that difficult,” stated the expecting actress: “They’re always awkward, but it’s always easier when you get along with the person you work with and when they’re always respectful and professional.”

As for the reality of making a sexual relationship work without additional strings and complications, Portman replied: “You know, there’s enough, different kinds of people in this world that I think someone could make it work. I’ve seen weird things, and this does not seem that strange,” explained the actress with sincerity and humor.

Portman is nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in “Black Swan” and she just may go home with the golden trophy.

“No Strings Attached” brings the bedroom politics to the screens on January 21.

Official “No Strings Attached” website: http://www.nostringsattachedmovie.com

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