Listen to Darius Lux, when he sings

Darius Lux is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter with a direct musical link into the daily struggles of  everyday people. Yes, even in glitzy L.A. the struggles of American life can be the same.

Darius Lux (photo:
So you couldn’t get Jennifer Aniston to star in your movie, or you dared to live life on your own terms, regardless of status quo.
According to Lux there comes a time when we all “need to listen to our hearts and decide what is best for us.”  His music goes beyond the influences of modern society that often tries to dictate everything, “how we should dress to what we should think.” In one of his popular songs “The Great Unknown” the musician talks about the disabling effects of fear.
The rocker says: “for each one of us, life can be full of different fears but we have to remember that fear is a choice. When we decide that we don’t want it and we have chosen to believe in ourselves instead, we find that we begin to receive the things in life we hoped for. “
At BNH we take a few notes from Darius Lux’s philosophy and the positive, inspiring music he creates as an artist.

Darius’ new album “Time is Now” is available…, well, now!

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