Real Heroes In Focus: Iraq war vets get a modeling gig

Iraq war veterans pose for a JC Penney catalog - photo: Splash News --
Iraq war veterans pose for a JC Penney catalog in the Meatpacking District – photo: Splash News —

Now, there’s a sexy-cool sight of our American heroes we don’t see everyday.     

On Monday July 12, our sources got a glimpse of Iraq war veterans turned fashion models at the meatpacking district in New York. Oh yes! It’s all a part of a hush-hush marketing by JC Penney, to be unveiled this fall in the form of a catalogue. While the spokesperson at JCP corporate communications didn’t spill any beans, they did express “it is too early to share any details surrounding our initiative” and advised Brave New Hollywood to keep its ears and eyes open around October when the big announcement will be made public.    

After all, JC Penney has shown a healthy growth in sales performance this past year. The men’s division being the best performer, with great results during Father’s Day.     

 Whatever it is JC Penney, we like what we see so far. More please!!!    

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