Hollywood’s most wanted: Alex Pettyfer now wanted for “The Paperboy”

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Alex Pettyfer is a wanted man. Starring in “I Am Number Four,” in theatres now, and “Beastly” opening in March, many rumored offers have been floating around about Mr. P(r)ettyfer being cast in this and that movie. But director Lee Daniels (“Precious,”) who has chosen his own new project, has also approached Alex Pettyfer to star in it, reports Vulture.

Alex Pettyfer - "I am Number Four" screening

Daniels wants Pettyfer to star in his film adaptation of The Paperboy” based on the novel by Pete Dexter. The film is a thriller about a young slacker who gets mixed up in his older brother’s investigation of a murder.

Soon, the brothers embark on a path of filtering the truth from the clutter and see if the suspect sitting behind bars is actually guilty. Bradley Cooper is being eyed to play the older brother and Sofia Vegara (“Modern Family”) to star as the suspected murderer’s wife.

Alex Pettyfer

All other negotiations about Alex Pettyfer being cast in Y.A. book-to-film adaptations such as “The Mortal Instruments,” or “The Hunger Games,” and his rumored interest in “The Last Apprentice,” are still just rumors.
As for now,  Pettyfer is John Smith, in “I Am Number Four,”  a goody young alien coming to terms with his out-of-worldy talents, and learning to fight a group of bad aliens on our planet, the earth.
I Am Number Four official website: http://www.findnumberfour.com/#/videos

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