Hitch a Ride in ‘Calcutta Taxi’ – Film Review

The short film "Calcutta Taxi" was shot on location, in India, on red cameras.
Writer-director, Vikram Dasgupta

Here at Brave New Hollywood, we came across a short independent film that brightened up our Monday.

Written and directed by Vikram Dasgupta, “Calcutta Taxi” is a gem.

A young art student, a taxi driver and his wife, another cabbie and his son, a red backpack become the mysterious forces pushing the story forward in this clever and slickly structured tale.

Actor Sunnie D'Souza is about to ride the "Calcutta Taxi."
Actor Sunnie D’Souza is about to ride the “Calcutta Taxi.”

Our review:

We, the viewers, start by following a young Canadian-Indian art student (actor, Sunnie D’Souza) returning home to India where he finds himself chasing after his backpack and the man who snatched it. Navigating through the madness of Calcutta during a day of strikes, a maze of misunderstandings and misconceptions reveal perspectives other than what we think we have witnessed, where no one person is the sole storyteller. This approach makes the film both interesting and rewarding.

The fast-paced, non-linear editing, elevating tensions, a fairly strong cast with an inspirational message, and the majestic cinematography of Jeffrey Peter Maher, are the four reliable wheels that make “Calcutta Taxi” one entertaining vehicle.

The energetic pace encourages viewers to take an active role in following the film in a “toe-to-toe” manner.

Let us mention that this ‘lil taxi is speeding its way through festivals picking up awards, and nods.

Thoughtful film, cool characters, a positive message. An all together quality entertainment. Find it! See it!

CLICK HERE to see the film’s trailer.

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