Entourage star Adrian Grenier Launches Record Label from a Brooklyn Basement

Adrian Grenier - HBO
Adrian Grenier - HBO

Adrian Grenier has just launched Wreckroom Records, out of his basement studio in Brooklyn.  Yes, you read that right.  Vincent Chase, Renaissance man himself, has dipped his toe in to yet another pool; this one a bit grungier and grittier than his normal Hollywood Hills sparkling waters.

The Wreck Room is designed for friends and other bands to get together and play while creating “Faux-for-live” videos, videos performed in front of a live audience with possible overdubs added.  The site is to share and promote the collaborations.

So far, three artists have been featured and the talent is definitely present.  Joanna Erdos and the Midnight Show have a very original sound, the lead vocals somewhat comparable to old school Sia, only with more grit and the piano of Fiona Apple. The girl definitely has a set of pipes.

What the Giraffes lack vocally (and intentionally), they make up for in a very cool energetic instrumental. And as if Adrian Grenier wasn’t already doing enough, there he is again as part of the final duo, Caldwell.

This is not the first philanthropic project Grenier has been involved in as he has been tied to  Charity Water since its inception. If you don’t think lending studio time to musicians is philanthropic, ask a musician what a studio costs.

So… maybe Mr. Chase is not Queens Boulevard but rather Flatbush Avenue.

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CLICK HERE for Wreckroom Records’ website site

Liz and Dick and Lindsay and Alexis…oh my!

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