Connor Buckley Fights The Good Fight

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Actor, Connor Buckley, on a mission to save his TV show "Surviving Jack" (Fox).

Actor, Connor Buckley, on a mission to save his TV show “Surviving Jack” (Fox).

Trivia: a New Yorker, Connor Buckley started his career as a dancer and on stage.

Rising star, Connor Buckley starred opposite Christopher Meloni (L) on Fox’s cancelled show “Surviving Jack.” Can he found the show a new home?

When FOX announced on May 7th that it was canceling its freshman series, Surviving Jack, after just 8 episodes, the show’s small but incredibly devoted fanbase cried serious foul. Of course, those protests were drowned out at first amidst the larger comedy bloodbath (seriously, in addition to Jack, the four major networks axed over 10 shows that week including Community, Suburgatory, The Crazy Ones, Dads, Enlisted, Super Fun Night, and Trophy Wife… among others), but that fact did little to deter them.

Taking to social media to profess their love for the hilarious Christopher Meloni fronted 90’s-set half-hour – not to mention their ire for its parent network – fans and critics alike made it quite clear that while perhaps small by FOX standards, their voices would nonetheless be heard. And fortunately, leading the charge is the talented and strapping young star of the show, Connor Buckley, who plays Meloni’s son.

Proudly, utilizing social media, along with just about everyone in his generation, the former Deception actor has come of age in a Hollywood in which online promotion is the name of the game for just about everyone… that is, if they hope to build a viable and sustainable career. Recently, he chatted with Brave New Hollywood about his passion for his profession, his love for Surviving Jack, and of course, how he keeps the dream alive.

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