Short Film Spotlight: BURN OUT by Russell Goldman Impresses

The high-octane, horror, comedy, featuring rising star, Everett Osborne screens at Dances with Films, L.A.

A unique and eye-catching film premiered last week, at Dances with Films in Los Angeles, and we had to tell you about it.

BURN OUT is a horror-comedy, short film by Writer-Director, Russell Goldman, and from get-go, the viewer will feel the tension, and root for its desperate yet motivated hero, Virgil – portrayed by actor, Everett Osborne in a high-energy, competitive environment.

Watch the Teaser-Trailer for the short film, below!

Virgil, an ex football star (actor Everett Osborne) is having a very bad day at the office in BURN OUT (short film) by Director, Russell Goldman.

Executive produced by Jamie Lee Curtis, it tells the story of a committed, young assistant (Osborne) who will do anything to get a presentation in front of his boss, even when there’s a fire. Interestingly, the film was shot in an abandoned office of short-content streaming platform, QUIBI.

Rising Stars: Filmmaker, Russell Goldman and Actor, Everett Osborne are unique new forces in modern American cinema and worthy of attention.

BURN OUT, short film poster art featuring actor, Everett Osborne.

L.A. born, Everett Osborne (SWEETWATER) brings the trauma and survival instinct of an ex-jock to life, brilliantly. After watching him in this wild and entertaining short film, it is hard to imagine another actor in the role.

The pain, pressure, and the ambition of his character pours out onto the screen as he navigates the right direction he must pursue to win the day.  To impress his demanding, eccentric boss, playfully portrayed by Tommie Earl Jenkins (DEATH STRANDING), Virgil pushes himself past the limit, like the star-athlete he could have been.

The talented stars, the intense energy, and the progression of the situation in BURN OUT will remind plenty of employees everywhere of that unsettling, unhealthy work environment where doing their best is almost never enough.

Filmmaker, Russell Goldman has carefully eyed the unfolding drama, and quite successfully balanced many aspects from the pace, the visual effects, make up, editing, and at times, the peculiar without becoming extremely outlandish, or past an audience’s acceptance.

At Brave New Hollywood, we highly recommend keeping your eyes on the “exciting work” (to quote from the film) by this talented, young filmmaker and his lead actor, Everett Osborne.

Writer-director, Russell Goldman, BURN OUT (short film)

About the Filmmaker: Russell Goldman is a filmmaker from Virginia. He is the screenwriter of RETURN TO SENDER, which placed in the top 10 of The 2023 Black List. He is directing the feature this year, produced by Jamie Lee Curtis and Molly Hallam (THE MUSTANG). He has played at over 100 film festivals around the world with his short film work, including RETURN TO SENDER and CLOSING TIME. He also wrote the upcoming Blumhouse feature MOTHER NATURE, based on the graphic novel he wrote with Curtis.

BURN OUT (short film) screened on June 27 at Dances with Films 2024 in Los Angeles, California.

BURN OUT Short Film Feat. Everett Osbourne - Teaser Trailer

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