Bryce Dallas Howard to direct her first film

Like father, like Daughter?  According to Showbiz411, Bryce Dallas Howard is planning to try her hands at directing her first film. She gave the scoop personally during the Oscar weekend. Written by Bryce and her writing partner Dane Charbonneau, the film is called “The Originals.”

Bryce Dallas Howard

“It’s like a “Breakfast Club” for my generation.” Bryce told Showbiz411. Already sounding like a director and a casting agent rolled into one, the director-to-be seems to have given the production some serious thought. She has plans on asking actors around her age to star in the film, and even reveled: “So far, I wrote a part for Zoe Saldana. But there are so many good choices out there.”

Earlier reports suggesting that her Oscar winning father, Ron Howard is set to direct the film, were inaccurate.

Worry not. Bryce will not abandon acting.  She will be seen next in “The Help” starring opposite Emma Stone – coming to theatres in April.

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