Indie Film “Blue Collar Boys” – A Thought-provoking Look at the Working Class – Film Review)


BLUE COLLAR BOYS - movie poster
BLUE COLLAR BOYS – movie poster

BLUE COLLAR BOYS – It’s class warfare from the losers’ point of view in this grim and surly first time feature by Mark Nistico whose film is a relentless, thought-provoking drama about the Redkins, a working class family in New Jersey struggling to survive in the house building industry during this recession.  CLICK HERE to watch BNH’s EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with the filmmaker and the cast of BLUE COLLAR BOYS.

The language is unapologetically not PC with homophobic and racist language spilling with every family argument at the dinner table, and every taunt at the local bar. Everyone snipes at everyone with hate and resentment. It’s a gritty drama about the suffering of America’s working stiffs. Imagine an episode of JERSEY SHORE without any eye candy, humor or sex appeal as they hit every obstacle imaginable: No job, tough building codes, bar fights, no medical insurance, plummeting property values.

One brother hopes for a way out of the family business – he despairs that his father, at the age of 53, is still digging ditches as a contractor. Another brother is fine with the status quo. A cousin wants to get high. Middle class customers with BMWs in the driveway treat the Redkin family like crap.  

For its reported $75,000 budget, BLUE COLLAR BOYS is an accomplishment – grim poetry about the current recession with a bleak message that the working class can only be pushed so far. The movie eerily predicts the occupy movement! There are some flaws with the script that overindulges in its misery without providing any relief, but BLUE COLLAR BOYS is a searing reflection of our times.

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