THE BLONDE ONE: An Impressive Gay Film From Argentina Comes to Los Angeles

This month, from TLA Releasing, and all the way from Argentina comes THE BLONDE ONE (UN RUBIO) a compelling, soulful film celebrating the gay male gaze.

It is the sixth film by Argentine filmmaker, Marco Berger (Plan B, Hawaii) who wrote and directed this impressive LGBT, romantic, drama.

Specific shots, elevating testosterone and tensions, silences that scream desire and affection, and an honest look at culture and relationships make THE BLONDE ONE a rare and special LGBTQ film.

The Blonde One (Un Rubio) from Argentina features two strong actors and an intimate look at love and acceptance of two gay men.
Sparks and tension are plenty between actors Alfonso Baron & Gaston Re, in their portrayal of two men in a secret gay affair in Marco Berger’s THE BLONDE ONE. – TLA Releasing

In the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Gabriel, a shy, blonde, blue-collar worker (actor Gaston Re) moves into the spare bedroom of his colleague Juan (actor, Alfonso Barón). Gabo, as he is called, is a reserved gay man who is not the type to make advances at men, let alone his macho roommate and colleague. He continues with his quiet nature, keeping to himself, witnessing the number of young women that go in and out of Juan’s bedroom every other night; at times getting a glimpse of Juan who comfortably wonders around naked up and down the corridor.

The tension in this film is almost tangible from the get-go but Gabo’s nerves and timid observations stop him from drawing quick conclusions. He curbs his deep desires until the tense incidents start repeating and lingering a tad too long. Glances are exchanged and eyes meet in ways that two straight men do not normally share.

Movie poster for THE BLONDE ONE, feat Gaston Re and Alfonso Baron
THE BLONDE ONE (2019) LGBTQ drama, official theatrical poster – TLA Releasing

THE BLONDE ONE is one powerful and passionate film by Argentine filmmaker, Marco Berger – it is sexy, soulful and authentic.

Juan’s wandering hands and casual touches here and there, accented with meaningful looks seem to continue while his machismo seems to stay firmly in place, but the attraction between the two men is undeniable.

Soon, a sexual affair starts, aided by the convenience of location, evolving into a seriously tender and intimate relationship, which looks promising at first but is far more complicated outside the four walls that keep it a big secret.

When the chance of this homemaking romance shows more signs of fantasy than actuality, the couple must use more than body language to address their situation.

THE BLONDE ONE is one powerful and passionate film by Argentine filmmaker, Marco Berger – it is sexy, soulful and authentic.

The film premiered at the Queer Screen Mardi Gras Film Festival in Sydney, and won the Best LGBTQ Film at the Molodist International Film Festival.

THE BLONDE ONE is a gem and easily one of the best gay films of 2019.

THE BLONDE ONE is one of the best gay films of 2019. In its depiction of gay men and intimacy, a relatable setting, the challenges of normalcy each of the two men face, and their evolution, writer-director, Marco Berger reaches a new level of believability. Most gay, Western filmmakers seem to want to replace authenticity with excessive drama or sarcasm, and the conventions found in classic, commercial Hollywood movies. Such choices do not address the reality of these very human concerns with needed directness and honesty. Berger’s approach is far more effective in making a lifelike representation of the bond and challenges of these two everyday-men.

The limited dialogue and the visual structure of this film speak volumes about collaboration between filmmaker (Berger), and his actors (Barón and Re). Considering what must be its indie film limitations, a low budget, or even a personal, artistic choice in minimalism, the collective understanding they all have to communicate the heart and soul of the story and the ingredients of their characters is truly remarkable.

Actors Alfonso Baron (L) and Gaston Re (R) create a memorable onscreen romance in Marco Berger’s THE BLONDE ONE (2019) – Distributed by TLA Releasing

Additionally, the chemistry of the two competent, and beautiful lead actors, Barón and Re, and intensity they create together is the glue that keeps this drama together and gives the picture its lasting effect.

The film’s characters could have benefited from a tad more complication to their dilemma and an activity or two that would take them outside the living room where they are often seen, sitting around, smoking cigarettes, and watching TV with their friends. The extra effort could have helped the pace and heighten the drama. Otherwise, this is what low-budget indie filmmaking is, and THE BLONDE ONE still manages to impress. There are plenty of skin shots and unapologetic scenes showing love and affection between two men. Berger does not shy away from showing real intimacy and the comfort the two lovers have while alone and feeling free and safe, behind closed doors.

The filmmaker has successfully showcased the macho culture and the conversation about the topic of homosexual men among the company they keep. The film presents the mental capacity of a hyper-masculine culture that is not quite ready to accept the concept of two men as lovers.

THE BLONDE ONE arrives in Los Angeles on September 6, 2019, for a weeklong theatrical run at Laemmle Music Hall, in Beverly Hills.

Below, watch the official trailer for THE BLONDE ONE, starring Gaston Re and Alfonso Barón.

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