‘Titanic’ Actress Gloria Stuart Dies


Gloria Stuart - publicity photo by: Gene Kornman (FOX)


Titanic star Gloria Stuart dies —

Gloria Stuart, who played the senior version of Kate Winslet in “Titanic,” died Sunday Sept 26, in Los Angeles. She was 100 years old. Stuart had been diagnosed with lung cancer years earlier. Her daughter, Sylvia Thompson confirmed her death to The Washington Post. The golden era actress starred in more than 40 films in the 1930s – but was best known for her role of Rose in “Titanic.” She became the oldest Oscar nominee in history when she received a nomination at age 87 for the 1997 James Cameron film. Stuart once joked about her sustainability in Hollywood and having the right “stuff” in order to keep going in the movies:  “I’m still viable, who is not an alcoholic, rheumatic or falling down.”  – pictures: Left, Gloria as Rose in James Cameron’s 1997 film “Titanic” (FOX/Universal). Right (in black and white): Gloria Stuart in a publicity shot by Gene Gornman (Fox).


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