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As You Are: Starring Charlie Heaton – Our Film Pick, Film Review

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Coming off the Special Jury Prize from Sundance, AS YOU ARE is an intriguing drama that bends troubled family film cliches with an unusual plot device. Told in flashback through police interrogations, we learn how three teenagers become friends in the 90s. Obviously, the audience waits for a crime to reveal itself as the interrogations progress. Scroll ...

Aaron Taylor-Johnson: Oscar’s Next Great Actor – Film Clip

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Aaron Taylor-Johnson won the Golden Globe for his portrayal of Ray Marcus in Tom Ford's Nocturnal Animals. So, why not an Oscar nomination? Don't break out the violins just yet but Aaron Taylor-Johnson wasn't nominated for an Oscar for his very memorable (and Golden Globe winning) performance in the thriller, NOCTURNAL ANIMALS.  Instead, co-star Michael ...

Nicholas Hoult & Kristen Stewart Make EQUALS – Our Film Pick

By Tuesday, July 19, 2016 Permalink 1

  Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart deliver memorable performances in Equals (2016), a Sci-Fi drama reminiscent of movies like THX 1138 or Gattaca. This indie sci-fi flick slipped quietly in limited and VOD release which is a shame, given its millennially-popular leads, Nicholas Hoult (X-MEN) and Kristen Stewart (TWILIGHT). Equals is a beautifully shot film (locations ...


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After the dust has settled, the latest superhero casting war is finished with the British unknown, Tom Holland, winning the lead to replace Andrew Garfield. Photo (L): Tom Holland is Gregory Cromwell in 2015 TV mini-series 'Wolf Hall.' on (R) Marvel's Spider-Man. SPIDER-MAN has been one of the more lucrative Marvel properties until - depending on your ...

The Young Cast of Poltergeist 2015 Shine

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The 1982 horror classic POLTERGEIST has been updated for a new generation of movie goers. Back in the 80s, director Tobe Hooper steered the Spielberg-penned ghost story into a hit franchise that spawned a number of sequels. Spielberg then was very much in his suburbia phase, setting tales of aliens (E.T., CLOSE ENCOUNTERS) in non-descript subdivisions ...

We Need to Talk About Ezra Miller, The Flash

By Monday, February 2, 2015 Permalink 0

Fans matter... Until They Don't. The CW Network - home of such teen oriented shows as THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, SUPERNATURAL, and ARROW, struck gold again when they launched their latest superhero TV series, THE FLASH. Starring relatively unknown Grant Gustin, 25, as Barry Allen/The Flash, the TV series has been both a winner with the fans and ...

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