Brave New Hollywood was conceptualized during the winter of 1999 in Southern California over a couple of cold beers, bunch of scattered emails, and watching too many crappy blockbusters. With big heads and empty pockets, so our story began. To introduce our site, we used two of the four most overused words in show business: “brave” and “new.”  The other two are “edgy” and “genius.”  But to include all four, would have been too wordy, if not mendacious.

We were to create a place where three friends; one in sunny Southern California, the other on the east coast, and a third one wandering somewhere in Europe could write about a new blood of innovative people making cool new movies. We were to share our love for Hollywood and its stars, with an element of fun, without being so stiff and serious about the whole machine.

Here, we like to draw attention to brave new talent: filmmakers, actors, musicians, and other creative people who are Hollywood.  Featuring exciting new projects while highlighting a few “renegades” who don’t always get the attention of the otherwise corporate media. Brave New Hollywood: It’s our place. We showcase the people we like.

So, have a laugh and take it from my mother: “it’s only moving pictures dear, a song and a dance.”

Is it?

Welcome to Brave New Hollywood!

-Henrick Vartanian

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